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About Us

  I started to write the "ABOUT US" section and after a couple hours I had what read like a dissertation or resume about all my personal accomplishments.  It sure wasn't what I was striving for... for this really isn't about me.  After praying about the right way to communicate the story behind Graciously Adorned, I had some very real clarity.



What is Graciously Adorned?

    ~ It is about my mother, who was a living example of God's love on earth.   She as well as my dear father had an unshakeable faith - it was her rock in life.  It's a faith so deeply rooted that everything in life revolves around it.  Her life was devoted to serving others - her husband, family, friends, church.  She taught us about the importance of prayer and staying close to God. She was the greatest example of Christianity I could have had in life.  She had such an impact on others that I wondered at the time of her passing what the world would be like without her in it.  During her eulogy, I promised that her work would continue, although at the time, I wasn't sure what that would mean.  And through the grace of God, it just happened.  My passion and faith melded into one as Graciously Adorned became a reality.

     ~ It is about the Priest as mass a few years ago who asked during his homily if people could tell we were Christians by our actions.  If they entered our homes he asked, "What would they learn about us, our interests and priorities?  "Would they find God there? "  I went home that afternoon and walked through my own home and asked myself the question, "What are my priorities?"  And consequently, "What am I teaching my son?" 


     ~ It's hearing about people who want to remove God from things held sacred and dear  - things like "Christmas" , our country's "Pledge of Allegiance" and  our currency.   And I think to myself, If only they knew God, they wouldn't feel this way.


     ~ It's about what you do in life when you are given a second chance or a "do-over".  I fell from the top of an 8' ladder trying to hang a painting in our entry way  in  March of 2013.  In the seconds before I hit the floor,  I asked for God's protection -- I knew it was really bad.  With my head and body strapped to a spinal board , I was rushed from one hospital to another that handled trauma patients.  The outcome was a broken back and subsequent brace for 3+ months and then surgery to repair my torn diaphragm.  Of all the conversations, new relationships and experiences during this difficult time - the one thing I  remember is my neurosurgeon telling me he was amazed that I wasn't paralyzed or killed.   I knew right then that God expected more from me and that He wanted me to profess His word.  I needed to be living my faith.


         My passion for design and creating started when I got my first apartment in college.  I, like many of us, couldn't afford the fine french pieces or vintage styles that I saw in magazines and longed for.  I started picking up items at flea markets and estate sales and remaking them with paint and my own style of distressing.  For me, it turned into a way-of-life.  Over time, my design sense evolved  and I became drawn to vintage Christian pieces - art, statues, garden fixtures, relics and jewelry.  As I incorporated these pieces into my own home, my living space became a natural reflection of my life and my beliefs. You could say, my two loves became one.

     And so, Graciously Adorned came to be.  It is an offering of unique Christian art, home decor and jewelry.  As I look around my own home, I feel so blessed to have a warm, aesthetically-pleasing and faith-inspired living space for my family.  I've incorporated many of the pieces I offer on my site as spaces need to evolve and change.


Future plans for Graciously Adorned include adding a selection of one-of-a-kind antique Christian art, decor and jewelry.  After the first of the year, I plan to start a blog to showcase how I have decorated my home and the various ways I've incorporated statues, crucifixes, and garden pieces as well as photos from work I've done in friend's homes.

Also, I would like to share with you my hand-painted furniture and the many pieces I've transformed for myself and others.  Who knows, maybe I can transform a piece for you.

So, my hope is that Graciously Adorned will inspire you to live your faith in whatever way suits you, just like I have been inspired to help you do so.

Best Regards Friends,